• NHL94-14


  • NHL94-13 Playoffs

    NHL94-13 Playoffs

  • NHL94-13 Sim Cup

    NHL94-13 Sim Cup

  • NHL94-13 2on2 Playoffs

    NHL94-13 2on2 Playoffs

  • NHL94-91


  • Game 6 The Movie

    Game 6 The Movie

  • NHL94-12 Playoffs

    NHL94-12 Playoffs

  •  NHL94-12 Sim Cup

    NHL94-12 Sim Cup

  • NHL94-12 2on2 Playoffs

    NHL94-12 2on2 Playoffs

  • Top 10

    Top 10

  • 2on2 Kaillera Log

    2on2 Kaillera Log

  • NHL94-12


  • NHL94-12 2on2

    NHL94-12 2on2

  • Sprite Patch

    Sprite Patch

  • Component RGB

    Component RGB

  • Goalie Patch

    Goalie Patch

  • NHL94-11


  • NHL94-11 2on2

    NHL94-11 2on2

  • Top 10

    Top 10

  • NHL94-11 Sim Cup

    NHL94-11 Sim Cup

  • 100 Hockey Sites

    100 Hockey Sites

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Puck Droppings

Welcome to PixelPuck, a site and blog that is dedicated to hockey and an almost-better sport: NHL’94. What? NHL’94 you say, people still play that? Every day we do. It has a cult following, and is recognized as the greatest hockey video game of all time. So devout is one cult follower that he decided to create this site to house current roster and graphical updates in an attempt to keep NHL’94 fresh and new like the day it was first blown placed into a Sega Genesis.

There are two roster updates during the season. The first update drops in late October. I’d release the patch before the season begins but every team has to get some games in so I have a chance to set lines. There isn’t a trade deadline update, rather, the playoff patch is released on the eve of the playoffs, right after the seeds for the Conference Quarter-Finals are in place.

NHL94-13 Playoff Patch

The NHL94-13 playoff patch is out, with all the trade deadline moves, ratings, and playoff bracket for the first round.

NHL94-13 Sim Cup

NHL94 predicts the Stanley Cup Playoffs as every round of the post-season is simulated using the NHL94-13 playoff patch.

Game 6 NHL94 Movie

Watch game 6 of the 1991 Stanley Cup Finals through a pixelated prism as all the action is recreated with NHL94 in this 17 minute video.

Random hockey quote of the day

“I will personally challenge anyone who wants to get rid of fighting to a fight.”

- Brian Burke